Our Story

Growing up in Guadalajara, Mexico, I was always surrounded by delicious ethnic foods, from my grandmas artisanal enchiladas, to street tacos serving hand pressed tortillas, to fresh flavorful ceviches at the markets. Each accompanied with a unique spicy salsa.

There was one in particular that grabbed my Texas husband’s attention: a chili oil sauce. Once we settled in Salt Lake City, Utah, we realized how much we needed to create our own chili oil for adding a unique spicy kick to our meals and to share with friends to continue building great experiences around food.

-"Giselle McClure"-

 We believe that food is best when shared

Have you ever noticed how much more fun it is to hang out with friends and family

when food is on the table?  There is something special about food that brings people together and that can make a gathering into a party.

This is why Chili Beak is not just a food company, we are really a people company and we use our products to give people a reason to connect. However it works, we desire to help people build healthier relationships with their community through the promotion of good food.